Arbiter's Wrath

Let's start of by saying: it's what it sounds like.

Dealing a maximum damage of a whopping 40, this weapon has some true potential.

This weapon has an average damage of 25, and with ninja's high dex, it makes the dps around 35. This means killing a god will take no more than 750 seconds to kill. That's only like 12 minutes!

The reason this katana is so overpowered is that it literally shoots mad gods out of its tip. ORYX GUN.

Also, the only way you can aqquire this item is by being an admin, and with those admin abuse powers you may as well use code to kill oryx rather than this peice of GLORIOUS AWESOME

seriously, this item is better than the doku no ken. If you find a doku no ken and also find an Awrath, then literally drop your doku in your pet yard and let your level 3 attack mid pig drive its teeth straight throught its handle.

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