• Emerald Of The Crystal Gems

    Ok so I am having this really weird glitch where all bags (Besides brown bags) appear as pink no matter what the tier of item is in the bag. This isnt a huge game breaking glitch but it is annoying so if you have a solution for this please tell me. (I am using the steam version of the game if that matters)

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  • DafinaL

    New Players

    January 19, 2016 by DafinaL

    This Blog is for all newbies and the info to help them.

    1/2 of 1. Dont be frustrated when you die cause 1 whatcha gonna do about it 2 i died with all gear teir 10+ so yea.

    2. Dont take your time to look at items stats cause you can just judge by teir.

    3. If you are about to die dont be afraid to Nexus. (R key)

    4. Dont tp to large mobs of level 20 players or u will be murderd.

    5. After level 20 still be carefull cause most likly your not maxed with potions and you will still be weakish.

    6. As i say "Rush in fools do" #Yoda. Dont rush in unless your Warrior Knight or Palidian or YOU WILL DIE.

    2/2 of 1. Im gonna give you good info now about handling dying (ACTUALL GOOD INFO) when you die dont have a huge fear of dying cause it makes the game no fun …

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  • CubeCardfighter

    Hey Guys,

    This is my first blog for RotMG (though I have had experience with CFV) and I'll be talking about how RotMG is getting a bit - let's face it - repetitive. It's always assasins, knights and wizards with the occaisional necromancer and ninja. So this is an idea for a new class called the Samurai. This was inspired by bickuribox12 (AKA Talwar) with his video about the Samurai. I added the Shogun as a skin rather than the actual class. (srry for small size) Post in the comments about any classes you think Kabam should add or any ideas to add onto the Samurai!        -Cube out!      

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  • Bdoggydog

    New CLass idea

    January 22, 2015 by Bdoggydog

    Okay, everytime I die, I get to choose my own new class. And then my ocd, there are only 14 classes they tried to put in a 3x5 square, and It irritates me. Here is my new Idea for the class that should go there. Name? The Merlin class

    Sorry I couldent add it, it wouldent work

    Yeah, I know it doesent look good, but hey it took 5 min so give me a break. Anyway this class is gamechanging, Its main attack is a potion throw, which if it hits a mob, hurts them for about 30 dmg a hit, with a bomb effect around that mob, HOWEVER if it hits a player, it HEALS them for about 50 hp, (at t0)(this will go up with better stuff. It wears a robe, of course, and to get it you need to get to lvl 20 with assassin, and priest. The potion…

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  • Mrtitanpiggy

    It seems that no admin has been looking at our posts. I have posted a article about something inportant and appears to not have been touched.... By any admin. Does anyone know how to help with this situation? If so, please tell me.

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  • SkeletonKeyFTW


    June 24, 2014 by SkeletonKeyFTW


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  • Wilewonka

    this is weird

    June 12, 2014 by Wilewonka

    Just today I thought of restarting on ROTMG. Now i have changed my mind. It just cant happen, I go on the ROTMG webpage and I see that it wont even let me swich the account that has been benned. I realy dont understand why this is happening please send me the resond this is happening and how I can fix this problem.

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  • Wilewonka

    I give up

    June 12, 2014 by Wilewonka

    Clearly since nothing will be done with me retrieving my account ( Wilewonka ). I am thinking of starting over again with my gaming on ROTMG. The sources I've been given are quiet confusing for me (I am not as old as you might think). May be you can send me something more easily understood for a young person like me.

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  • Wilewonka

    I have a problem

    June 12, 2014 by Wilewonka

    I've played ROTMG for a very long time. One day I went to go use my account but it had a loading screen and didn't go back to the normal playing screen. At that time I realized that maybe if I don't play on the game for a while it will go back to the playing screen. Three day after still having nothing interesting to do I decided to do my own study on this. I searched the YouTube and later realized after a couple videos that I had been banned. So I created this account to ask someone that knows the reasoned why I was banned. I've never hacked and I don't really like hackers. ( they take all the loot ) I also would like to know if there is a possibility of me being able to retrieve my account ( I love the game )

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  • Kadugan

    The time has come

    April 5, 2014 by Kadugan

    To all relmers this is my official goodbye i've had much fun over the couple of years :) now it is time to go and travel the word :), side note to all the lucky people in ase at the time of my goodbye gift, your all very welcome :) and make good use of all th tops and gear :) 

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  • Azorann

    Glitched Egg?

    March 26, 2014 by Azorann

    I recently obtained a Blue Drake Egg whilst fighting the Ghost King. What's odd is that I can't hatch it in the Pet Yard. I've been searching the internet for an answer, but no one seems to have had the same problem as I. Do I need my Pet Yard at a certain level to even hatch it? Or is it just glitched and useless to me. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate if you'd tell me because I honestly have no clue.

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  • Badgarlord

    I have started a help thread on the wikia help board. (This )

    Hopefully we can get some kind of support. 

    Check it out if you want. 

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  • James012345

    Status of the wiki

    March 1, 2014 by James012345

    So I've been using this wiki quite a bit because I'm fairly new to RotMG but I don't really have much to contribute, however I did feel the need to undo a spammers edits and I now think that this wiki could use a bit more help. Unfortunatly I am rather lazy. So I was thinking someone should contact a wikia staff and we could get some admins (because I fail to see any currently active) and try to fix stubs, pages with broken links, and missing pictures. And for the pictures unless theres some other way to get the sprites that I don't know of (there probably is like I said I'm new) I was thinking you could use the sprites from this site Anyways just my thoughts I think this wiki helps alot of new players but it could help…

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  • Megaernie

    Forum signatures!!!!

    February 8, 2014 by Megaernie

    I have recently been creating signatures for rotmg forums/wikia. Here are 2 so far. Contact me if you want one.

    I use this one for my signature!!!!

    This was one of my tests.


    Here's one backround to use if you make your own signature!!! :D

    contact me on realmeye @megaernie, or just comment somewhere ill see on the wiki if you want to ask for a custom signature!!!!! ;D

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  • SniveyRulez


    December 24, 2013 by SniveyRulez

    I need help its about the pets.If my charecter dies and im with a pet will the pet also die?

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  • ZTacklerz

    Replace the Owner?

    November 26, 2013 by ZTacklerz

    The owner seems inactive, and we need a new one. Let us vote upon someone to become an admin and help clean this grief that plagues the wiki.

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  • Pondguy

    November 22, 2013 by Pondguy

    Does anyone have any idea what " is and why it is randomly selecting words and linking them to thier website? It also seems to effect the other wikis to. As a matter of fact, it appears on all websites.

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  • Black Liquid Sorrow


    October 19, 2013 by Black Liquid Sorrow

    It keeps pappening?

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  • BoorishSlice

    As you probably have already seen, RighteousLad and REALM OF THE MAD GREEDY GAME DEVS have been wreaking havoc on the Wiki. If you see any pages that have been grieved, please go to the history of the page and undo any changes that have been made. Also, try to get these two banned from using wikia and take out those disgusting photos they put out. Thank you!

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  • Pondguy

    New Pages

    October 3, 2013 by Pondguy

    This is wiki is lacking in plenty of pages. The following pages are pages that need to be created, but i don't know enough about the topic to write them:

    Dungeons: See Dungeons for a list of them we need to write.

    Enemies: See Seal of seeker and all the red links are the pages to create

    Chests and lots of chest enemies: Cyclops god, ect.

    Oryx the Mad God 2: Although this page already exsists, it is a serious stub.

    If you know anything about these topics, please help the wiki by creating these pages

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  • Helloseverybody

    With the closedown of the main wiki that everybody uses, this wiki might just become quite used. However, the admins seem to have abandoned us. What to do now? I've been trying to clean up this wiki, but there are 270 pages, and more to add. I wish there were others who could help regularly...

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  • Wellobello


    March 12, 2013 by Wellobello


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  • Wellobello


    March 12, 2013 by Wellobello

    Hi people

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  • Lukehei

    Abandoned by admins?

    February 12, 2013 by Lukehei

    We appear to have been entirely abandoned by the admins :(. Do any other users have any suggestions as to what we could do now?

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  • Wagnike2

    Site Makeover

    October 17, 2012 by Wagnike2

    We are proud to announce that we have been working with Kabam to help improve the look of this wiki. You may have noticed a new skin and main page. Also, as a result we are proud to announce that you can play Realm of the Mad God right from this wiki. To do so please head: here.

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  • Lwpeterson50

    New here.

    June 22, 2012 by Lwpeterson50

    Hi guys i'm new here. Any tips? Also who is the owner of this wiki and how old is it? How many admins are here? Can I make a page on portals or does that already exist?

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