Realm of the Mad God Wiki

Cube God

'A dark aqua boss that is highly dangerous if you don't have the right equipment.'  

The Cube God is a event boss that is summoned in the realm after a quest has been completed.  When it spawns, Oyrx will announce it and it can become your quest marker.  It is a very dangerous boss that will spawn smaller cubes that circle around it, often dubbed the cube tornado.  These cubes can often be more deadly than the cube god itself.


Health: 10,000   Defense: 40


  • Dark Blue Magic- 100 damage
  • Blue Bolt- 150 damage
  • Spawn Cube Overseer


  • Random Stat Potion
  • Dirk of Cronus
  • Tier 8-11 weapon
  • Tier 8-12 armor
  • Tier 3-5 ring
  • Tier 4-5 ability
  • 1,000 exp