Dungeons consist of a network of rooms, containing various types of monsters based on the theme of the dungeon. The last room will contain one or more boss enemies, which may drop special items. These items may be considered as inferior, or extremely useful.

To reach a dungeon, it is necessary to kill certain enemies, which will randomly or systematically open the entrance to that dungeon. Any player can enter to fight the monsters inside, usually by clicking “Enter” or using the interact key when standing on an entrance.

Some dungeons have a multi-stage layout with portals connecting different stages. Details of these are described on the individual dungeon pages.

All portals stay open for 30 seconds before vanishing, except for the Locked Wine Cellar Portal which will remain for two minutes if not opened. An unlocked Wine Cellar portal remains open indefinitely.

Passing through the exit portal of most dungeons results in a completion statistic being counted on that player’s character. The Tunnel Rat fame bonus is awarded to characters that have completed all the requisite Tunnel Rat dungeons. These are indicated in the tables below. Not every dungeon tracks a completion stat.


  • Dungeons were added to the game in Build 74, representing the largest addition of content to the game since the extra Classeswere first introduced.
  • When the first dungeons were added, monsters dropped Dungeon Keys, which were then used to open the portal. This was changed in build 110, with the exception of the Beach Bum.
  • Since build 111, Keys are available in the Nexus for Realm Gold.

Realm Dungeons

Name Portal Key Dropped Difficulty Tunnel Rat
Pirate Cave 1 Yes
Forest Maze 1 No
Spider Den 1 Yes
Snake Pit 1 Yes
Forbidden Jungle 2 Yes
The Hive 2 No
Magic Woods 2 No
Sprite World 2 Yes
Candyland Hunting Grounds 3 No Completion/Exit Portal
Cave of a Thousand Treasures 3 No
Haunted Cemetery 3 No
Undead Lair 3 Yes
Abyss of Demons 4 Yes
Manor of the Immortals 4 Yes
The Puppet Master's Theatre 4 No
Toxic Sewers 4 No
Mad Lab 5 No
Parasite Chambers 5 No

Realm Event Dungeons

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Oryx's Castle

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Mini Dungeons

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Special Event Dungeons

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Other Dungeons

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