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Ent Ancient.png

The Tree grove in which the Ent Ancient Spawns

The Ent ancient is an elder ent who guards the many forests of the realm. he enjoys nothing more than squashing puny mortals who run around the forest shooting everything that moves. The Ent Ancient is also a deceptively powerful Quest required to defeat in order to challenge Oryx. Up to 25 live in a single Realm. Bring your friends and power it up for a boss battle!


  • HP: 1,200
  • DEF: 15
  • EXP: 384
  • Evaluates damage originally


atheistic: Bark Bolt damage: depends on current state of ent


  • Ent
  • Ent Sapling
  • Greater Nature Sprite

Boss Levels

During this point, the Ent Ancient flashes blue and fires two 35-damage, 6-speed, 2sec lifetime, 4-size Bark Bolts at both sides of him every 4/5ths of a second. Trigger Range is 10.

Shooting him once triggers the evaluation, where he taunts "Uhh. So... sleepy..." He stays within 3 tiles of his spawn location.

When he starts evaluating, his wander speed goes up by 1. He also only has 7 DEF.

To force evaluation to stop, deal 39000 damage.

Evaluation stops on its own after 6 seconds.

Level 1

Damage Range: 3-4500

Taunt: "Mmm? Did you say something, mortal?"

Starts growing after 3 seconds.

Level 3

Damage Range: 14401-37500

Taunt: "Little flies, little flies... we will swat you."

Spawns 3 Greater Nature Sprites and 5 Ents.
Starts growing after 5 seconds.

Level 2

Damage Range: 4501-14400

Taunt: "It will be trivial to dispose of you."

Spawns 1 Greater Nature Sprite and 2 Ents.
Starts growing after 3 seconds.

Level 4

Damage Range: 37501+

Taunt: "You are many, yet the sum of your years is nothing."

Spawns 6 Greater Nature Sprites and 11 Ents.
Starts growing after 5 seconds.


The Ent Ancient is invulnerable to damage until he finishes growing. Below is each stage of growth and the specs on his attack for each stage. Size increases by 20 each stage.

Taunts that are in the code but are commented out are in italic.

Note: As the Ent grows in size, the bark bolts, (a.k.a. bacon), grow in size and gradually do more damage as they get bigger. Watch out for them. They hurt.

Stage 1

Size has not yet changed

Taunt: "With each attack, I only grow stronger." Damage: 20 Speed: 7 Lifetime: 2s Size: 4

Stage 2

1.6sec has passed

Taunt: "I have withstood far worse." (35%) Damage: 30 Shots: 3 Speed: 6.5 Lifetime: 2s Size: 5 Angle: 120

Stage 3

3.2sec have passed

Taunt: "Little mortals, your years are my minutes." (35%) Damage: 40 Speed: 6 Lifetime: 2.2s Size: 6

Stage 4

4.8sec have passed

Taunt: "I am the land, and you are trespassing here." (35%) Damage: 50 Speed: 5.5 Lifetime: 2.4s Size: 7

Stage 5

6.4sec have passed

Taunt: "No axe can fell me!" (35%) Damage: 60 Shots: 3 Speed: 5 Lifetime: 2.6s Size: 8 Angle: 120

Stage 6

8 seconds have passed.

Taunt: "The forests are mine to command!" (35%) Damage: 70 Speed: 4.5 Lifetime: 2.6s Size: 9

Stage 7

9.6sec have passed

Taunt: "Yes, YES..." (35%) Damage: 80 Speed: 4 Lifetime: 2.8s Size: 10

Stage 8

11.2sec have passed

Taunt: "Cower before me, mortals!" (35%) Damage: 90 Shots: 3 Speed: 4 Lifetime: 2.8s Size: 11

Stage 9

12.8sec have passed

Taunt: "I am the FOREST!!" (35%) Damage: 100 Speed: 3.5 Lifetime: 3s Size: 12

Final Stage

14.4sec have passed

Turns Greater Nature Sprites vulnerable Obeys the Greater Nature Sprites Gains Armored Alternates between Invulnerable every 4 seconds.