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Gods of the Realm

Short of the powerful and feared Event Gods, these are the most powerful and toughest monsters in the Realm. They live in the mountaintops, generally in areas of empty terrain or black rock, gradually respawning when an area is depopulated. These areas, shown as black or white areas on the minimap, are called the Godlands. Many of the game's servers are named after the Gods. The gods of the realm usually have between one thousand and two thousand HP, though some even higher, generally have high firepower, and can deal a variety of status effects. Even the strongest must be wary.

Realm Gods

These are the largest, most powerful monsters in the game. They spawn generally in areas of snowy terrain or black rock (generally in godlands). When killed, these monsters count toward god kills. they drop purple bagspotion bags and normal bags. these can contain weapons from T6 to T9, pet eggs and Stat Increasing Potions.

Event Bosses

These are some of Oryx's most powerful minions. These bosses, which are mostly referred to as 'events' in the game must be defeated in order to be able to be brought to Oryx's castle to fight him. There is a 10% chance of these spawning when quest bosses are defeated. These bosses cannot spawn directly on top of a player and will spawn at least 10 tiles away from the player. Some of the event bosses can only spawn once per realm (i.e. Ghost Ship, Hermit God, Eye of the Dragon and the Lord of the Lost Lands).

Dungeon Bosses

These bosses spawn at the end of a dungeon. Each boss has it's own unique drops, some of which include  permanent stat-boosting potions.

Quest Bosses

Defeating these quest bosses is also required to close the realm and to allow you to fight Oryx. Ent gods, Lichs, and Ghost kings have a phase in which they will blink blue, and during this phase, damaging them will actually 'buff' them and make them stronger and they will typically spawn more minions that will be stronger as well.


  • Many of the game's servers are named after Ancient Greek Immortals, such as Medusa and Cyclops.
  • Most common gods in godlands have 1000-2000 HP.
  • Crystal Prisoner used to spawn multiple times in a realm, but now only spawn once.
  • Most gods are dungeon bosses or monsters. 
  • Normal gods can be farmed for permanent stat-enhancing potions.

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