A guild is basically a group of players with their own private chat (guild chat. To activate, type /g, hit space, then type in your message), and their own room for doing things such as opening dungeons, (to make sure nobody else enters), and hosting private drop parties. To make a guild, head to the hall on the right of the Realm portals in the Nexus. Spending 1000 fame will make your own guild. Unless, you've probably already joined a guild before you even got 1000 fame. A guild can be helpful for private trading, Realm parties/group fighting and donations of items. The maximum amount of players in a guild is 50. To leave a guild, go to the room in the nexus where you can create a guild.

In the Guild Hall

The Guild Hall is a wooden room (or, if it's upgraded to any higher level, rooms), with wooden tables and the such. Only people in your guild will be able to access your guild hall; there is an individual guild hall for every guild. There are quite a few things. Here are some:

Guild Chronicle:

this, when viewed, displays the rank, name, and guild fame of all players. It resembles a small table with a book on it.

Guild Upgrade:

This opens a menu that asks if you want to upgrade your guild or not. It can only be used by leaders and founders.

Guild Board:

This is a board that anyone can view. Only officers, leaders, and founders can edit it.

The Ranks:

Guild Rank Privileges Comments
  • Everything!
The one who made the guild.
  • Can write on guild board
  • Invite guild recruits
  • Can upgrade guild
Position of honour.
  • Can write on guild board
  • Can invite people to join the guild
Supposedly keeps the guild in order.
  • None.
Normal rank.
  • None.
Starting rank.