Health Potions are the most commonly used consumable item in "Realm of the Mad God." Health Potions heal the player by 100 Health on consumption.You can receive them as loot from almost any enemy.

All classes have 1 Health Potion when they first enter the game. Simply press a hot-key (default is F), double click or shift-click to ingest a Health Potion. Health Potions can also be used straight from a loot bag with Shift Click. You can hold up to six health potions at once (same as Magic Potions, Unless replaced with an item by placing the item over the potion). If you run out of of health potions, you can buy one for 5 Realm Gold. However, it is advised not to buy them using Realm Gold, as they can be easily farmed.

Some dungeons, like Spider Dens, drop other types of health potions, like Healing Ichor. <-- Image

A potion that instantly restores health points.

+100HP consumed with use

5 Feed Power

Drop Locations:

Red Spider Black Bat Pink Blob Adult White Dragon Gray Blob Little Green Slime Pirate Piratess Snake Scorpion Queen Elf Archer Elf Swordsman Red Gelatinous Cube

Purple Gelatinous Cube Green Gelatinous Cube Goblin Goblin Rogue Goblin Warrior Hobbit Rogue Hobbit Archer Undead Hobbit Rogue Dwarf Warrior Dwarf Axebearer Dwarf Veteran Orc Orc Veteran Orc Warrior Orc Queen Orc King Metal Golem Clockwork Golem Earth Golem Undead Dwarf Axebearer Undead Dwarf Veteran Undead Dwarf King Night Elf Archer Night Elf Warrior Night Elf Mage Night Elf Veteran Night Elf Queen Night Elf King

Imp of the Abyss Brute of the Abyss Darkness Sprite Birdman Oasis Soldier Oasis Creature Cyclops Cyclops Warrior Cyclops Noble Cyclops Prince Cyclops King Cave Pirate Brawler Cave Pirate Sailor Cave Pirate Veteran Lair Skeleton Lair Skeleton Swordsman Lair Skeleton Veteran Lair Skeleton Mage Lair Mummy Lair Mummy King Little Black Slime Little Brown Slime Lair Brown Bat Lair Ghost Bat

Lair Ghost Archer Lair Ghost Warrior Lair Ghost Mage Lair Ghost Rogue Lair Ghost Paladin