Realm of the Mad God Wiki

"A slow but powerful crossbow with a good grip."


Tier Damage Range Shots Fame Feed
T7 50-70 (60) 7.5 1 0% 70

Used By

Drops From

  • Gods of the Realm
  • Lesser Gods
  • Archdemon Malphas
  • Septavius the Ghost God
  • Lich
  • Cyclops God Chest
  • Ghost God
  • Oasis Giant Chest
  • Phoenix Lord Chest
  • Red Demon Chest


  • It is implied in the description that the Heavy Crossbow fires more slowly than other bows; however, it fires quite as fast, not counting the fact that higher tiered bows fire 3 shots.
  • The heavy crossbow does as much damage per shot as a Bow of Covert Havens. When engaging an enemy from an extremely long distance switch to this bow if you are using a lower tiered bow.