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The Knight fights at close range, wears heavy armor, and uses his shield to stun and damage enemies. Using the shield deals damage and fires a cone of projectiles in front of the knight that stuns any enemies hit for 3.5 seconds, depending on the Shield it uses.

Skins: Iceman, Knights of the round

Reaching level 20 with the Knight and Priest unlocks the Paladin class.

Initial Per Level Level 20 Cap
Min Max Min Avg Max
HP 200 20 30 580 675 770 770
MP 100 2 8 138 195 252 252
Attack 15 1 2 34 43 50 50
Defense 0 0 0 0 0 0 40
Dexterity 10 0 2 10 29 48 50
Speed 7 0 2 7 26 45 50
Vitality 10 1 2 29 38 48 75
Wisdom 10 0 2 10 29 48 50


The Knight is often considered the most powerful overall class in the game, prioritizing Max HP, Vitality and Defense. For this reason, the Knight is able to soak up damage, yet still deal plenty, in a way that no other class can.

The Knight starts in the highest HP bracket, along with the Warrior and Paladin, at 200. The 3 classes also end with a Max HP Cap of 770, higher than the other classes.

Although the Knight doesn't start with the highest Vitality, it has the highest Vitality cap, at 75, a trait also shared by the Warrior and the Sorcerer.

Finally, the Knight has the highest Defense Cap, by a significant margin. At a cap of 40, the Knight is only one of two classes that have an abnormal Defense cap. the other being the Paladin at 30 (all others cap at 25).


  • The "Knight" character caused the (if you play ROTMG) "knight lyfe" sentence. This is repeated when a character other than the Knight take/dodge loads of damage, but appear to go into the bullets, if the player survives, they say "Knight Lyfe". If not, they "Epic Fail"ed. 
  • The Knight is the only class that doesn't have a 25 def cap but has a defense buff from his ability. The Paladin was given 30 def to compensate for his ability not giving def.