A Magic Potion restores 100 magic points. Normally, a player can only hold 6 in their Magic Potion slot. Many monsters have a chance to drop a Magic Potion, although Minions of Oryx are more likely to drop one. It can be consumed by pressing Shift+Click, or you can set a hotkey to use one (The default hotkey is V)


Magic Potion

Magic Potion: A potion that instantly restores magic points.

+100 MP, consumed with use.

Feed Power: 5


Drops by:

Red Spider Black Bat Pink Blob Adult White Dragon Greater Nature Sprite Gray Blob Little Green Slime Snake Elf Mage Elf Wizard Red Gelatinous Cube Purple Gelatinous Cube Green Gelatinous Cube Goblin Mage Hobbit Mage Dwarf Mage Dwarf King Fire Sprite Ice Sprite Magic Sprite Orc Mage Ogre Ogre Mage Ogre Warrior Ogre Wizard Flayer Flayer Veteran Mummy Mummy King Imp of the Abyss Native Nature Sprite