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Mixcoatl is the boss of the Forbidden Jungle Dungeon, which is dropped by the Great Coil Snake. He drops an Untiered Necromancer set.

Attack Cycle

When a hero first enters the boss room, Mixcoatl will not attack you. However, when he takes damage, he will enter phase 1. After 4 seconds, Mixcoatl will enter phase 2, which lasts until he's taken a certain amount of damage. After phase 2, Mixcoatl will then enter phase 1 again. This repeats until Mixcoatl is at about 1/3 health(correct if wrong) and then Mixcoatl will enter phase 3.

Phase 1 Mixcoatl will move to the center of the room and preform some kind of tribal ritual dance. He is invincible at this point.
Phase 2  Mixcoatl will begin to shoot projectiles and the Boss Totems in the four corners of the room will begin to spawn totem spirits, which do not disappear even when Mixcoatl dies.
Phase 3  Mixcoatl goes to center of room and Boss Totems and Mixcoatl begin shooting projectiles in all directions. Then, Mixcoatl roams around freely, shooting in all directions. he will also shoot a wave of missiles occasionally. (TIP: If you get close enough to Mixlcoatl, you can lure him out of the boss room into the room before it. this eliminates the threat of totem spirits and boss totems. you want to clear the room before Mixlcoatl before you enter the boss room. this helps greatly in the 3rd phase.)(Note: you cannot lure Mixlcoatl any further than the first room, and if you go too far towards the second room away from the boss room, he will begin to wander back towards the center of the boss room. he has a low chase speed, and a fast wander speed. so don't run out of the room once you see Mixlcoatl (slo-mo) running towards you, or else you will have to go back in there with the totem spirits and boss totems firing at you. go at a steady pace, but be wary of lag if you have low HP or low DEF)


  • During phase 3, Boss totems will shoot at you when in range, and because Mixcoatl is roaming freely, it is reccommended that you attempt to lure Mixcoatl out of the boss room. or, if you have enough defense and a good enough weapon (like a Tier 9 weapon), you could just try and tank the shots. just watch your health bar!
  • When Mixcoatl is in phase 2, set a trap if you're huntress because he can barely move. his range of movement is like 1.


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