players fighting god and blue loot bags

The Godlands are, besides dungeons, the most dangerous area in the game. The mobs found in the godlands are all very dangerous, doing large amounts of damage per shot. Due to their power and strength, these enemies have been named "Gods". These Gods include the Djinn, Beholder, Ghost God, Flying Brain, Medusa, Ent God, Leviathan and Slime God.

The loot dropped by gods generally consists of only purple loot bags and up, however, white bags will not be dropped.

In the Godlands the following dungeons will be "dropped" by the gods that inhabit it: Undead Lair, Abyss of Demons, Mad Lab, Sprite World and Haunted Cemetery. Undead lairs are dropped by Ghost Gods, Sprite World is dropped by Sprite Children (easy-to-kill small white objects that do not attack and are spawned in a group around a Sprite God), Haunted Cemeteries are dropped by the uncommon Headless Horseman, and the Abyss of Demons can be dropped by the Medusa.