T6 Obsidian Dagger

Obsidian Dagger

Obsidian Dagger: A dagger with a blade made of volcanic glass.

Tier: 6 Damage: 35-65 (Average: 50) Projectile Speed: 14 Range: 5.6 Rate of Fire: 150%

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops: Realm GodsLesser GodsLichDeathmage Chest,  Ent AncientCyclops God Chest, Ghost KingOasis Giant Chest,  Phoenix Lord Chest.

Additional Drop Locations: Demon Warrior Brute of the Abyss Notes: Added in Build 65(?), the Obsidian Dagger was the only weapon to have an increased fire rate until build 122, when the Staff Of The Crystal Serpent was added. Still, it is only marginally better than the Golden Dagger  and is worse against enemies with defense.


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