Oryx the Mad God 1


You are spawned inside the realm by Oryx as food for his minions. After you kill all of the realm’s quest monsters, Oryx feels threatened and seals off entry to his Realm. You have 2 minutes to breathe and kill your last foes before you must enter his castle and defeat the minions that lie inside. Once completed you must face your own doom and challenge Oryx in his chamber to free the Realm!

Oryx himself has 85,000 health and a massive array of attacks that can kill any adventurer who gets to close. On his death he drops high tiered weapons along with a locked entrance to the Wine Cellar.


HP: 85,000

DEF: 60

EXP: 2975



Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
40 10 20 Minions 1
60 Slowed for 9s 8 16 Minions 1, 2
90 8 12.8 Piercing

Armor Piercing Minions 2

280 10 8 Piercing


290 3 1.5 Piercing


160 3 2.1 Piercing


90 Blind for 2s 4 10 Piercing


400 5.5 11.6 Piercing


1 Quiet for 8s 9 16.2 Piercing

Dance 1, 2 Universe

1 Weak for 8s 9 16.2 Piercing

Dance 1,2

120 3 5.7 Dance 2
210 Weak for 4s 5.5 16.5 Piercing


100 Weak for 3s 3 12 Piercing

Gaze, Universe

120 3 2.4 Piercing


100 Weak for 8s 1 2 Piercing

Parametric Daze

100 Weak for 3s 3.5 10.5 Piercing

Chase 1, Daze

100 Dazed for 4s 4 12 Piercing

Chase 1,2

180 8.5 25.5 Chase 2



Minions 1

Description: When first approached, Oryx is alone and shoots wide Fire Bolt shotguns and single Green Stars. After being damaged, he goes invulnerable and summons multiple Minions of Oryx, shooting 4-star shotgun. Slow everywhere.

Minions 2

Taunt: "My minions will make short work of you!"

Description: Oryx summons numerous Minions and Assassins while shooting high damage armor-piercing shots and slow stars - beware!


Taunt: "My Artifacts will protect me!"

Description: Oryx summons 3 artifacts that rapidly revolve around him from a distance while firing white, triple-shot bullets at you. These bullets deal 50 damage each. Near Oryx, 4 larger artifacts revolve around him that fire white balls at you. Their main task is to protect Oryx while dealing damage to you. Oryx, himself, will be alternating between shooting 3 heavy-hitting bullets (400DMG!!) and 6 blinding bullets.

Dance 1

Taunt: "BE SILENT!!!"

Description: Oryx summons Anti-Spectators the rapidly revolve around him from a distance while firing purple shots at you. Near Oryx, more Anti-Spectators revolve around him while shooting white balls at you. However, these deal more damage. Oryx, himself, will be throwing 3 simultaneous high-damage(240), red AOE [area of effect] bombs(usually) in a "Y" formation that closely resemble Medusa's bombs.

Dance 2

Taunt: "Time for more dancing!"

Description: 'Ring Elements' and 'Anti-Spectators' rapidly revolve around Oryx from a distance and fire purple shots at you. Inside the circle, Oryx is firing white balls while throwing bombs, equal to the damage of the "Be Silent!" phase.. Due to this, many people prefer to wait until the phase is over. Oryx loves dancing, although when he was young everyone picked on him because he doesn’t actually move when said doing so.


Taunt: "I am the master of this existence!"

Taunt: "I control your fate!"

Taunt: "The universe bends to my will alone!!!"

Description: Oryx summons 'White Planets' that revolve around him and he summons 'White Moons' that revolve around the planets. Both the planets and moons fire multi-shot bullets. Oryx, himself, fires medium-ranged shots in a pulsating star manner. After a while, a spiral of white balls spin around him. Late in this subphase the white planets return to orbit Oryx closely. At the end of this subphase he reverts to shooting. Strategy: Avoid Oryx's radial shots at the beginning and end just by moving left and right while facing him, during the spiral circle clockwise in a single lane at close range regardless of your class while being aware that the White Planets will at one point move towards Oryx. You may have to back off when this happens depending on your position.


Taunt: "Tremble before my cosmic might!"

Description: Oryx summons 'Black Planets' that circle him at low speed, and 'Black Moons' that circle the planets. The moons fire 3 slow moving shots that inflict dazed. Oryx himself will fire 3 shots that circle him very closely, and 3 shots evenly spread out that do plenty of damage and inflict weak. He also fires spinners that inflict quiet. Note: Oryx tends to use that phase after the chasing grid phase. If he does not manage to get to the center of the chamber before spawning planets, they can pile up near the column, clearing the other side of it and rendering the phase very easy.


Taunt: "All who looks upon my face shall die."

Description: Oryx will stand still and fires 2 large white bullets that deals heavy damage at the nearest player. At the same time, Oryx will fire white balls that inflicts weak with 45 degrees spread around him at low dexterity.


Taunt: "You WILL fear me!!!"

Taunt: "FOOLS! Flee while you can!"

Taunt: "Yes, run for your worthless lives!"

Taunt: "You shall never see the light of the day!"

Description: Oryx summons black balls that forms a grid which shoots white balls that inflict quiet around the black balls, and occasionally shoots a white ball which inflicts quiet that reaches to the black balls around it. Oryx will chase players at this phase firing 5 stars that inflicts daze as well as 2 or 3 white bullets that inflict heavy damage.


Taunt: "ENOUGH!!!"


Taunt: "DIE!!!"

Description: Oryx summons many 'Minions of Oryx' and 'Assassins of Oryx' that chase after you. Oryx enlarges and heals himself then starts to chase after the nearest player while firing cone-like shots. He also fires snowflake-like shots that inflict daze. During this phase, he is always vulnerable but has the armored effect on him. Essentially, this is a combination of the chasing-grid phase and the previous phase. This is Oryx's final phase, it lasts until his death.




Assassin of Oryx

Black Moon

Black Planet

Chase Element

Guardian Element

Minion of Oryx

Ring Element

White Moon

White Planet

Soulbound Drops

Tips and Strategies

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