Poisons are the ability items used by the Assassin class. They resemble a flat-bottomed, square sided flask containing a single shade of poison that fills the flask three-quarters full.

The ability itself is to deal damage over time, as displayed by the item card. For example, a poison may read 'Poison Grenade: 250 HP over 5.5 secs within 3 sqrs, meaning it deals 250 HP of damage spread equally over 5.5 seconds, with the damage being done at the end of each second. All of the damage is dealt within 3 square units, and after a 1.5 second delay of the ability being used. The tier scaling adds stats, damage and range, with the exception of Plague poison, which had lowered damage, but with a much greater range of 9 squares and a lower MP cost.

Poisons should best be used against clusters of enemies, so as best to take advantage of the size of the impact. They work well when used with a hit-and-run style, putting the enemies out of range while their health is whittled away. The Plague poison should be used against larger groups because of it's range, and spammed due to it's low mana cost. At Oryx, a couple of well aimed throws of Baneserpent poison in the wine cellar can be enough to secure a blue bag drop, at almost no risk to the character.

A list of poisons and their tiers is as follows:

UT - Plague poison

T6 - Baneserpent poison (also known as milk, due to it's color)

T5 - Nightwing Venom

T4 - Felwasp Toxin

T3 - Stingray Poison

T2 - Pit Viper Poison

T1 - Spider Venom

Starter Gear - Centipede poison

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