Skull Shrine

Skull Shrine.

Realm of the Mad God has quests for you to complete, and these are the Quest Monsters. There are three different types of Quest Enemies: Wandering Quests Enemies, Treasure Chest Bosses, and Event Bosses.

Wandering Quest Enemies

These Quest Monsters are for beginners. Most of these depend on your level. Non-quest enemies only give you 10% of your actual required EXP, but these give you slighty higher. Scorpion Queen gives you 20% of your total, and the rest gives you 25%. A list of them with the levels you receive them (and max levels) as quests is shown below:

Treasure Chest Bosses

When a new realm is created, Oryx creates a number of these bosses. They are found in a certain type of terrain. Like the Wandering Quest Enemies, the Treasure Chest Bosses give you bonus max EXP. They allow up to 50% EXP of your total required EXP bar. When the last boss is killed, Oryx will seal the realm for two minutes to prevent any other players joining it. A list of the Treasure Chest Bosses with their levels (and level range) is shown below.

Event Bosses

Everytime a Quest Boss (include Event Bosses' themselves) is killed, there is a 10% that Oryx will rarely summon these bosses. All Event Bosses are level 20, and do not have priority over the Red Demon, a Treasure Chest Boss. All event bosses need to be killed in order to close the realm. A list of Event Bosses are shown below.