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A Problem, You Say?

Can't understand the short forms and stuff everybody else says? Never fear! Simply look at this page!


  • 0: a term meaning that someone got no loot from a dungeon boss or event.
  • 0/8,1/8,2/8,3/8,4/8,5/8,6/8,7/8,8/8: a term referring to the number of stats a player has maxed.


  • Abby/Aby: Abyssal Armor, a T12 heavy armor.
  • Abyssal/Abyss: Abyss of Demons; commonly misspelled as abbys.
  • Acrop: Acropolis Armor, a T13 heavy armor.
  • Aggro: To aggravate, or get an enemy's attention, and make them follow you. Mostly used to kill other people for various reasons.
  • Alt: An alternate account, mostly used for playing on another character for storage or other various reasons.
  • Anchor: A player that usually stays in a safe spot in a dungeon, so others can teleport to the 'anchor' player instead of nexusing when in a dangerous spot.
  • Att/Atk: A Potion of Attack.
  • Autolooter: An automated program that is used to pick up valuable items off the ground faster than humanly possible.
  • Ammy/Amulet: An Amulet of Ressurection, a ring that costs 11500 fame and when killed with it on, it transports the player to the nexus. Note: These do not exist anymore. All of them have been replaced with cursed Amulets of zombification.


  • Bone: A UT Dagger from the Manor of the Immortals that pierces.
  • Bomb: The red AoE (Area of Effect) attack used by the Medusa and a few other enemies.
  • Boost: A request for a nearby warrior/paladin to use it's ability to help nearby players.
  • Buff: A term referring to something being amped up or having the ability to amp itself up. Basically, to become more powerful.
  • Brb/brb: a term meaning "be right back"; meaning that the player will be back in a moment


  • Cbow: The Coral Bow, a UT bow from the the Ocean Trench.
  • Circle/Circling: The act of running around an enemy, shooting at it. This tactic is best used against enemies that have narrow shots and don't predict your movements, like Medusa, but not so well against enemies that predict your movements, like Ent Gods, and enemies that fire                               omnidirectional shots, like Septavius the Ghost God.
  • Covert: The Bow of Covert Havens, a T12 Bow.
  • Cube: The Cube God, one of the six Event Bosses
  • Cdirk/Cronus/Dirk: referring to the Dirk of Cronus
  • Cleg/Chicken/KFC/CHIEKN: referring to the Chicken Leg of Doom dropped by the Giant Chicken on April Fool's Day
  • Cem: referring to the Haunted Cemetery, dropped by the Headless Horseman(Headless Horsemen). a multistaged overall level 4 dungeon
  • CC armor: refers to Candy coated armor


  • Def: A Potion of Defense.
  • Dex: A Potion of Dexterity.
  • Dbow: A Doom Bow
  • Deep: A term referring to going in as close as you dare to a monster
  • Deselecting: a term meaning that in a trade someone deletes an item quickly, hoping the other player won't notice. a common type of scam.


GG: a term meaning "good game". This is usually used after a dungeon, death, troll, good roll, or other event as such.

GL: a term meaning "good luck".


  • Mule: See Alt. an alternate account that a player uses to store pots and other gear he does not have room for in his main account. also used as a pot-farming char for the main account. often has a fake e-mail.


  • Noob: Refers to a newbie; someone who is new to the game, or to a player who is not skilled and collects gear with no value and thinks it is valuable. Often scoffed at by Veterans and pros.


  • OP: referring to a monster, player, or gear being over-powered. it is either extremely hard to kill, kills extremely fast, or just extremely strong in general. This can be either a good or a bad thing. This could also man overpay in which a person gives an excessive amount of loot (generally not useful) for a single item.


  • Pbag: referring to the Public Bag or the Purple bag. often used followed by a ":P" because the player was fighting a hard boss or god (such as Septavius the Ghost God) and got a loot such as a Tier 3 prism, which is considered to have no value and only be collected by noobs or tricksters who need it because they have a lower tiered ability.
  • Pro: a person in the game who has tops, maxed characters, gains loot very often, has a vault full of great loot, and is very skilled at the game. often looked up on by noobs and other unskilled players. they can solo dungeons and events easily, get SoulBound loot from pretty much any monster, and only die from lag, extremely hard dungeon bosses, or on purpose. Everybody in Realm of the Mad God wants to be a pro.


  • Spd: A Potion of Speed.
  • Scam: when a player cheats another player and takes one or more of their valuable items for nothing, while the other player does not agree. commonly done by deselecting or having the other player select their items then hit "accept", then you hit "accept" without offering any items. The latter is more common nowadays, and deselecting was more common up until spring of 2012.


  • Vit: A Potion of Vitality.


  • Wis: A Potion of Wisdom.
  • Weed: Speed sprouts. Most commonly said by TheDealerr in USEast.
  • Wall: (commonly refers to God Wall) a large number of enemies clumped together, usually gods, as so that if a player sits in the middle of it, it would be almost instant-death.