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Welcome to the Realm of the Mad God Wiki. This is the wiki for the game: Realm of the Mad God. This is a very good way for players to become more skilled since the Realm of the Mad God Wiki has a good size of information about the game. In this wiki, please DO NOT grief on any pages that people put a lot of effort and time in creating or editing it

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Realm of the Mad Godis a Massively Multiplayer Browser Game made by the Wild Shadow Studios and Spry Fox. Players need to fight monsters with their weapons in the realm of Oryx the Mad God. As the players fight more monsters, they earn experience and level up when they have the right amount of experience. You can also unlock new characters if conditions are met. Players can team up in the game and fight together in the game, create guilds to make their own community, or lock people to become their friends.

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 17 October 2012

Site Makeover

We are proud to announce that we have been working with Kabam to help improve the look of this wiki. You may have noticed a new skin and main page. Also, as a result we are proud to announce that you can play Realm of the Mad God right from this wiki. To do so please head: here.

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