Does anyone have any tips for a rogue in the godlands, I feel the range is to small.

Yes, when using a rogue in the godlands, the best stategy for gods that shoot slow, but with 5 in one shot that spread, your best bet is to use the rogue speed to your advantage and run in a circle around the mod shooting toward the centre. If it is a fast shooting mob, but shots inonly one direction, or with very wide spread shots such as a beholder, your best is to go in between the shots. If you are surrounded by many gods and are alone, use your special,  (Invisibility), and get upclose and shoot into the centre of the crowd, if you are with other peopleand there is a big crowd using your special is less useful unless you can get to the other side of the crowd alone. 

-Squizgar of US NortWest

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