Spells are the abilities used by Wizards. They spray fast-moving bolts, in every direction, at the cursor position, when used. They are very powerful, but underestimated - middle tiers deal at least 1000 damage! if all bolts hit the target.

There are 8 spells in the game (You get T0 spell when you create a new wizard).

Tier Spell Name Projectile

MP Cost

Damage (Average) Bonus Effect Fame Bonus Feed Power
Spell T0 Fire Spray Spell
Fire Spray Spell
Projectile-Spell T0 Fire Spray Spell
30 25-40 (32.5) 5
Spell T1 Flame Burst Spell
Flame Burst Spell
Projectile-Spell T1 Flame Burst Spell
40 30-70 (50) 10
Spell T2 Fire Nova Spell
Fire Nova Spell
Projectile-Spell T2 Fire Nova Spell
50 50-90 (70) 20
Spell T3 Scorching Blast Spell
Scorching Blast Spell
Projectile-Spell T3 Scorching Blast Spell
60 65-110 (87.5) 1% 45
Spell T4 Destruction Sphere Spell
Destruction Sphere Spell
Projectile-Spell T4 Destruction Sphere Spell
70 80-130 (105) 2% 90
Spell T5 Magic Nova Spell
Magic Nova Spell
Projectile-Spell T5 Magic Nova Spell
80 90-155 (122.5) 3% 185
Spell T6 Elemental Detonation Spell
Elemental Detonation Spell
Projectile-Spell T6 Elemental Detonation Spell
80 80-165 (122.5) +2 VIT +2 WIS 4% 380
Spell UT Tablet of the King's Avatar
Tablet of The King's Avatar
Projectile-Spell UT Tablet of The King's Avatar
155 85-125 (105)

+4 WIS +40MP Shots pierce enemies



UT -> Untiered -> Can't trade that item to another player ->Soulbound