"Once the most powerful staff in existence; a crack in its frame has rendered it incapable of focusing fire. It remains uniquely deadly."

Only useable by Wizard, Necromancer, and Mystic.

Nickname: "EP"

This staff is very powerful, as you can litteraly stand inside your enemies to deal massive damage at your own risk. Mostly used at Stone Guardian and Pentaract, but also much other enemies. See Tips below.


Tier Shots Damage (Average) Range Fame Bonus Feed Power
UT 10 80-95


4 6% 600

Drops From


- The Staff of Extreme Prejudice is a great weapon for staff users. Although it is not very good for the godlands (except - when doing constructs), it is amazing for certain events and bosses, such as Pentaracts, due to its extremely high damage output.

- At your own risk, it is great against Stone Guardians. It would be better to use it when the first Guardian is dead.

- Notice that you also have to aim to perfectly land all 10 shots on your enemies. This makes the staff much more deadly.

- If you are attempting to get all 10 shots to land (e.g. Test chest) you must rotate your screen accordingly as the shots are centering is determined by which way your character is facing. Usually standing "under" the chest facing it will get better results)

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