Speed pot

Potion of Speed

Stat potions are pots that permanently increase your character's stats. they are dropped by hard mobs such as gods, dungeon bosses and the crystal prisoner. Every class has unique maximum stat values. If you have reached the maximum level in a stat the number's color changes to yellow.

There are two types of stat pots; teir 1 and teir 2. Teir 1 stat pots increase one of the stats on your 'stats' bar- namely attack, defense, dexterity, speed, vitality, or wisdom. Teir 2 stat potions increase your maximum amount of health or mana by 5.  They are termed mana potions or life potions. Life pots are also the most expensive pots in the game.

Here is a list of which pots are most expensive from most expensive to cheapest:

Life pot-----Mana pot-----Attack pot-----Defense Pot-----Wisdom Pot-----Vitality Pot-----Dexterity pot-----Speed Pot

. - For Reason - Stat Increasing Potions already exists. Has more depth.