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The Realm Eye is an NPC that is revealed after you free it from the Corruption Phantom , the second boss of the Cursed Library dungeon.

The Realm Eye will be located in the center of the second boss room, directly below the spawn room. After defeating the Corruption Phantom , it will thank you for freeing it from the library’s curse and offer to say lore about some enemies, characters, dungeons and items in the game. For instance, the player may type ‘Lord Ruthven’ and the Realm Eye will provide a few lines about Lord Ruthven ’s lore. After saying all of those lines of text, the Realm Eye will thank the player once more and open the Realm portal.


  • Originally, the code surrounding the Realm Eye’s response to the ‘Golden Dagger’ was flawed and caused a total realm crash if it was said. This error has since been patched.