Wand of the Bulwark
Wand of the Bulwark: This wand was used by ancient battle mages to deter invaders. The secrets to its
Rimmed Mystic Shot
construction has been long lost.

Tier Damage Projectile Speed Lifetime Range Rate of Fire Effect Feed Power
Untiered 300-400 (350) .6 11000 6.6 1/3 Passes through obstacles 650

Drops From


These are kind of like the little floating projectiles fired by sandsman sorcerers, clockwork golems, and Red Demons. They float around lazily in a figure-eight pattern and last a very long time. You can't shoot them at something; you basically need to create a minefield with them and attract your prey into the field. Back pedaling is key using this wand, but it is well worth it as the shots deal colossal damage. Feel free to then collect your stat increase potion. This wand can work well on the Rock Dragon, as it is difficult to accurately hit this monstrosity. It can be better to use your Wand of the Bulwark's lazy shots to destroy it instead.

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